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As the sole owner/operator of McKillop Fine Art Foundry I have  been casting and creating sculpture since 1988.  I specialize in offering individualized attention to your project.  All aspects of casting, chasing, patination and mold making are done by me.  I bring my accumulated knowledge to your project and can provide everything from initial moldmaking all the way to final installation.  My shop has the capacity to pour 300 lbs of silicon bronze and to finish pieces well over life-size.  Whether you need one small sculpture cast or multiple editions I can accommodate. If you would like to have one person in charge of seeing your artwork through the process in a timely and efficient manner and with fine attention to detail, then you have come to the right place.  Contact me for a price quote.

-Tad McKillop




Restoration services including cleaning and waxing to full re-patination and repair.  Services available include cleaning, waxing, patination, media blasting, welding and bronze chasing.  Member of The American Institute of Conservation (AIC)


I offer ceramic shell casting for the finest detail possible.   Silicon bronze is the primary alloy I use, other alloys may be available upon request.

On-Site Repair

Complete patination services include: cleaning, restoration, blasting and patination in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

Repair services include, cleaning, waxing, re-patination, re-creation of missing parts due to vandalism or damage as well as on-site mig, tig and gas welding.

I have over 30 years experience making molds in a variety of materials and use Polytek 74-30 RTV as well as Tin-sil silicone mold rubbers.

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